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Ninja Pickleball

3k carbon fiber beach racket outdoor sports racket

3k carbon fiber beach racket outdoor sports racket

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Weight (g): 320-330g (Male)

Thickness: Common Rim (21-28mm)

Shape: Oval (Central Sweet Point)

Racket Length Category: Regular Grade

Racket Face Classification: MP Racket Surface (Universal)

Origin: Mainland China

Net Material: EVA

Length (cm): 50

Hardness: Hard (Small Action/Force Player)

Grip Size: 4 1/2 (Big-hand Man)

Grip Material: Carbon Fiber

Face Size: 23

Balance Point: Heavy Tip (Baseline/Technical Type)

Applicable People: aldult

Tennis racket specifications : 
Material:3Kcarbon fiber
Length: 50 (CM)
Thickness: 23mm
Area:  23cm
Product Description
1. Structure:
(1) Main frame: The larger the main frame, the larger the force-bearing area.
(2) Thickness: The thickness is too thick, the greater the elasticity.
(3) Hole: Scientific hole position and size make the racket weight moderate, symmetrical, and easy to control the ball.
(4) Hardness: moderate softness and hardness make the elasticity better.

2. Product features:
(1) Tennis can stay longer on the racket
(2) Small center injection tolerance
(3) Precise ball control
(4) High stability when hitting the ball.

3. Daily maintenance:
(1) Prevent throwing the racket on the ground.
(2) Don't play ball on rainy days.
(3) Store at room temperature. The frame made of resin material is easily deformed under high temperature.
(4) Dry the racket handle promptly after sweating. For some leather handles, it is best to wash them regularly with soap.

Crossway Sports - Sports Start Here

Tennis professional fur - premium rubber bladder, adopt waterproof technology, adapt the moisture, wet places and varies of fields.
Soft feeling 50% decompression - recommend for children 4 years and up or tennis beginners.
Develop ball sense - unique design helps develop ball sense, a nice transition before the high tension adult tennis.

Diameter: 2.4 inches(63mm)
Outer Type: 45% woolen + 55% synthetic
Bladder Type: Rubber
Net Weight: 51-55g





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